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Aug 23, 2008
  1. Hello everyone,

    I came across this web site by chance. From what I can see this looks like a decent place on the web to visit for technical advice and such. Basically I decided to join because I am having great difficulty in overcoming a problem I am having with the installation of Windows Vista Ultimate on my home PC. I won't say anymore about my technical problem here. Anyway, from what I saw in the "Introduction" part I am supposed to provide specs of my system. This is as follows:

    Mobo (motherboard) make and model. ASUS M2R32-MVP

    CPU (central processing unit) make and model. AMD Dual Core AM2 6000+ 3.0 GHz

    Sound card make and model. Onboard sound

    Video card (graphics card) make and model. ATI Radeon 1900

    How much ram (memory) you have. Corair XMS2 2 GB DDR2 Twin2X Matched Memory Pair

    Hard drive make model and capacity. Mirrored Western Digital 320 GB SATA HD

    What psu (power supply unit) you have. You may need to open your case and look at the label on the psu itself to answer this.

    Enermax 600 Watts

    Optical drives (cd-rom's/cd-rw's/DVD-rom's/writers etc) Pioneer DVR-212D

    Operating System. This is as simple as if you have Windows XP, Vista, MAC OS, Linux etc. Windows Vista Ultimate

    I hope this information is sufficient. If not I am sure someone out there will let me know. Thanks.
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