Overclocking My Just-built custom computer will not turn on

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Hello, i am new to building custom rigs. The first time i turned my
pc on it just will not do anything, I have installed the jumpers correctly, and the PSU cables and the PSU itself, and all the other hardware. Please Help



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Check to make sure that your 'clear cmos' jumpers are set correctly from the factory. Some times, only occasionaly, you will have one with the jumper set to clear. What are the specs on your newly built machine please?
The specs are:

Amd Athlon 64 3200+
2 x Corsair 512mb
Geforce 6600GT
400W PSU
PCCHIPS MOBO (not sure of exact product)

Im not entirely sure on how to clear cmos jumpers..


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what is the brand of the PSU? Wattage isn't everything, if it's a low quality PSU, then it could be DOA, or it will die once you get the system working, and take everything with it.


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Ive found out the problem, i was using a rubbish motherboard
Yes, it's just the fact that PCCHIPS is marked on it. If you hide the brand name with a Sharpie marker, it will work fine.(Joking ;-) )

I would recommend you to go with MSI at least. Asus is getting so crappy now that MSI is turning both better AND cheaper. (Also it's easier to get them outside USA and China)


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I am having the same problem, its a custom built PC. I made sure everything was plugged in right tripple checking everything.

I have a geforce 8800 gts vidcard, A 700 watt power supply, a XFX 680i LT SLI mobo


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Usually, you just start a new thread instead of reviving a 2 year old thread....

Does it do anything when you try to start it?

Also, did you put risers on the case, before you put the motherboard on?

Make sure everything is plugged in, such as extra power, which is required by your graphics card. You'd also need to plug 2 power plugs into the motherboard (maybe even 3). I know you said you plugged everything in right, but lets just make sure again.
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