My laptop won't turn on...

By gigglebuke
Jan 16, 2007
  1. Hi,

    I was recently gifted a older Dell Inferion that had some virus issues. I figured I'd clean the HD and start anew but I ran into some problems. Apparently my XP disc has some issues b/c Windows was having a problem reading files from the disc in the middle of the install. The install eventually stopped at a point where it couldn't continue without the necessary file.

    I borrowed another version of XP from a friend hoping I could put in the laptop and the install would continue running. Initially, it seemed to work propelling the program past the point it was stuck on but it seemed to freeze again on the "Preparing Windows" phase.

    I went to bed in hopes to wake up to it magically running smoothly only to find to computer completely off. The power cord wasn't in so I figured the battery died - no big deal. Now, with the power cord in, I can't get it to flinch - nothing, not a peep. I have a battery light on but that's about it.

    Is there a secret way to boot the computer? Any help is appreciated.

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