My laptop's screen is blank after switching it off

I was working on Kali Linux installed in virtual box in my laptop ( which has windows 10 OS).

While working, suddenly screen got black or dark blue screen. No key was working on it, so I switched off my laptop. After that the trouble begins.

On battery, my laptop is on but there is no sound of fan running (it is actually not
running ) and only blank screen I can see.

When I try to switch off my laptop, it switches on by itself.

I removed the battery, then plugged in my charger. My laptop switched on without pressing the power key.

Please can someone tell what has happened to it? And how can I fix that?


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Update the BIOS and drivers. Depending on your system. Most common brands are packaging driver updaters in the motherboards software. But to me it sounds hardware related. Like you may need a new motherboard.

Mark Fuller

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What kind of laptop and what are the specs? Remove battery, disconnect ac adapter and hold the start button for more than 30 seconds.