My MAC address hacked! Help !

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Jul 26, 2007
  1. I have a unsecured wireless network at home. I have a D-link router which is connected with the broadband modem. Offlate, some mis deeds have been happening and I am being blamed for them because the IP and MAC address of my broadband modem and my own computer has been traced .
    Can anyone guide me to justify myself ?
    I assume that someone logged into my unsecured network,took all the data and then using that data, that person logged on to yahoo messenger and sent filthy text messages some other people. After reporting to the cyber crime cell, my MAC address was traced . Now how can I justify to my family that I have not done anything and how can I prove it ?? Please help asap !
  2. tomrca

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    is likely that your neighbours could be responsible for piggy backing your internet. as it is illegal you can report this to the police as you will be held responsible for anything that is done from your pc that is illegal.
    go HERE and run a cleanup for hacker programmes and bugs etc. then get yourself a good firewall that will protect your network and regularly scan for computers connecting to your pc. trend micro PC-CILLIN does this.
    after you have completed the instructions in the link post all logs required eg, avg,hjt,comb and vundo. please post them as attachments and not a paste.
    start a new thread in the 'security and the web' forum.
  3. Peerob

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    If that is really what happened then that is a lesson to be had in what can happen to an unsecured wireless network. If it is not what happened and you are guilty then you get what is coming to you! If you have been hacked I am sure the police will be able to tell.

    If the mail was sent from Yahoo then the IP address of the pc that sent it will be traced. But it wasnt yours was it????
    Looks like you are in a bit of bother, nothing on the internet is anonymous.
  4. Daveskater

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    you will want to set up wireless security then ;)

    do NOT use WEP security because that can be easily hacked. instead use WPA which requires a hexadecimal key (numbers and the letters a - f) for you to log on
  5. royalmustang200

    royalmustang200 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    first things first , i am not guilty..that is why i m here,trying to prove my innocence,looking at ways by which i can prove that i was hacked.
    secondly, the messages sent were text messages from yahoo messenger to mobile phones. I know that these mesgs can be traced. If i had to do it, i wud do it from a cyber cafe, not my own computer.

    I dont have any technical evidence to prove that i was hacked, however, my pressumption is that someone came into my unsecured wireless network, took my device information and then using that device information, he spoofed and sent those messages

    the nature of the messages were not nasty, but very personal !

    Our ISP (airtel) provides a MAC address and a new IP is alloted everytime I switch on the modem !this is called DHCP i guess..

    now can anyone tell me if i can prove that i was hacked ?
  6. tomrca

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    well i couldn't tell you if that can be proved or not. but in all honesty i wouldn't be overly bothered. just get some security for your pc network. and as far as yahoo accounts are concerned, i have heard of many being compromised. create a new account there too and don't select 'remember me on this computer'.
    to help combat key-loggers, type in a password, miss out a couple or three letters then click back with the mouse an insert the letters into the correct places. that way all letter may be logged , but not in the correct order..;) get new passwords too.
  7. jobeard

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    The MAC that was spoofed should be that of your modem. It gets an IP
    address set by DHCP every time it is restarted, but that's not to say
    it will be a different one.

    One choice would be to replace the modem, thus getting a new MAC address.

    When I setup a network, I always insert a router between the modem and systems;
    modem---router---wired + wireless connections
    Many ADSL modems come with WifI; I DISABLE IT IMMEDIATELY. Instead,
    I use the WiFi from the router, where I then have more defenses. Using the
    MAC filtering features, all wireless access is then allowed for ONLY my devices.
    The average 'neighborhood techie' will not have the tools to intrude in this manner to
    a network with encryption -- guess you've already seen that necessity :)
  8. amitach_1000

    amitach_1000 TS Rookie

    mac address or ip addresses can be traced when a wireless network (unsecured network) is placed . mac address which is the physical address of the modem card can be found after a person knows ip address . a hacker will usually attack port 80 (tcp) by pinging in to the machine so the only solution is to use system monitor tool to create a alert which will be used to detect who has logged on to the machine . to prevent this from occuring configure a firewall
  9. amitach_1000

    amitach_1000 TS Rookie

    can any one help me to recover exchange server 2003 using disaster recovery procedure
  10. asheeshagrawal

    asheeshagrawal TS Rookie

    Need Not to worry so much buddy

    hey listen may b its sounds stupid to u, but it really worked, do u have 1000/- atleast in ur pocket then no problm then dont worry... ths similar type of problem happened with my friend i suggeted him few things at that time, now listen carefully-
    1. Buy a new LAN card for ur desktop worth Rs300/- approx change it .
    2. If ur service provider has provided u a modem replace with another as soon as possible.
    3. Give a application of disconnecting ur net connection to ur service provider then apply for new after few days so that he should not get surprise.
    4. put modem->router->pc or laptop in series
    5. I think no service provider gives a static IP it changes everytime u connect to net or if it is static also then u have freedom to give random ips to ur router or wifi device.
    6. And now this time use stronger firewall, antivirus, alarm software u may get them from which shows that someone has entered to ur network.
    7. Just believe me it will work, it sounds stupid but will work.
    HOW??? The reason is:-
    Now the illegal person is unaware of new mac address of modem, ur pc, ur ip and ofcoz ur IP. and better beaware of neighbours and friends in neighbour hood next time.
  11. jobeard

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    back to the orignal question: "How can I prove I didn't do this?"

    get a close friend that is technically competent. Invite him/her over to your home
    and be sure your husband/wife is present.

    disclose the admin login password and go to the book store and read War and Peace
    until someone calls you back home.

    Let the thrid party audit your system for anything that is in question.​
    May not suffice for a legal suit but your family will appreciate your forthrightness.
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