My memory is showing up as half in my properites

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Dec 8, 2005
  1. I just installed a 512MB card into my mobo but when I go under "My Computer" properites it only shows up as 256. Does anyone know why? I have Windows ME. Thanks in advance.
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    It is POSSIBLE (but not very likely) that one side has failed in some way. Im assuming you have double sided (DUHH). So, heres some tests to do; run it in a different SLOT on your mobo, check your BIOS, run it in another machine. If none of these display any difference then it could just be very dodgy memory. If they do, then you would have found your culprit.
  3. patio

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    What does the BIOS show it as on boot up/memory check ? ?

    patio. :cool:
  4. Tag

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    Not quite sure about your wording.

    Your RAM should show up in your BIOS, where obviously depends on type of BIOS and version. Normally the first page displays it as eg. 'RAM Cache: 512mb' or 'Extended memory' or something similar. If you cant find it, try contacting your motherboard manufacturer about the BIOS.
    Also shows up on boot up, entire system details show for a short amount of time (where you press f8 for boot options) just before windows begins to load. You can, if your quick pick it out on that list somewhere.
  5. KaitenV

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    Are all of your sticks the same size? Sort them from big to small if not. =S
  6. Tedster

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    please read the upgrading ram in the guides forum. It explains it.
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