My monitor has no display when i turn my pc on!

By beards101
Sep 17, 2007
  1. Hello Everyone;

    I am recently upgrading a dell dimension 4100 and i am having extreme problems with it. At first it was running perfectly normal with 128mb of ram and a 20 GB hard-drive running windows M.E. I bought the right sticks of ram from a pc store following the exact specifications from the 4100 book(256MB of RAM). i slapped the stick of ram in the slot and also a new harddrive in. i went to boot up my computer and there was 3 consecutive beeps and no display on my monitor. i then replaced evreything originally how it was with the original 128mb stick of ram and the original hard-drive and it did the same thing. I thought the stick of ram might not have match the motherboard requirements so I went back to the store and purchased a 256MB PC133 and dilagently placed it in the computer with the original hard drive. STILL THE SAME RESPONSE! I called a comp tech and he specifically told me 3 consec beeps it has to be the video i went back to the store purchased the same vid card..slapped it in and bam the SAME RESPONSE! I also checked all the cords and looked for damage throughout the motherboard but seems to look ok! I am so frustraded NOW! Do you think its the motherboard??? or what can it be?? I purchased the same motherboard its coming in sometime this week !! is it possible?? PLEASE HELP ME I FEEL LIKE SMASHING THIS THING!!!!
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    Extension Of My Previous Message!!

    My monitor works on my gf laptop, so i know for a fact its not the monitor!

    Also the diagnostics lights on the back are ABCD Which AB is-Yellow and CD are-Green. the harddrive light turns on green but then a few seconds later it turns off.the main power light stays green.....the fans all work normally....I just get those 3 consecutive beeps ...the dell suport said with the colors in order like how they are means the ram doesnt meet the requirements of the i said earlier purchased the specific ram again same lights occur...a comp tech also said the diagnostic lights in the order it displays means its the vid card.. another said its a fried motherboard.... but if those diagnostics lights turn on the motherboard should be working fine?? shouldnt it??
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