My Monitor wont boot anymore...

By JamesBarrett
Jan 8, 2006
  1. firstly excuse me for my naiveity, (and spelling), I've just been given a load of decent second hand parts and built a new pc from them. Once I had but it all together and loaded XP it was working fine although I was unhappy with the graphics. I found a graphics card in the parts and put that in (dumb move)...

    When I put that in the first time it loaded windows fine but would not recognise the video card, as I wasnt online on that pc yet to find a driver, I decided to take it out and save for a later date, when I had set up everything else....

    As it wasnt installed I neglected to remove it from Add/Remove hardware (another dumb move, I think) When i took it out and rebooted the monitor would no longer power up (the orange light flashes, powersave is on etc, no green light anymore) I think the boot is sticking somewhere as the pc then goes quiet and things like the num lock key dont work, although without a monitor I havent a clue whats happening...

    I've tried retracing my steps, putting it back in, booting, taking it out and booting etc a number of times and that still doesnt work.

    Please please please can anyone help me? beore I have a fawlty towers style fit at it?
  2. agronick

    agronick TS Rookie Posts: 92

    If it won't work with the pci card put back in I would say that it must be something else. Your BIOS uses a generic driver and should be able to display itself no matter what you are using. If you find out that it is a driver problem you might just want to stick the hard drive in another computer with the internet and load the drivers on.
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