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My new graphics card..............

By vega
Aug 29, 2004
  1. Arrived yesterday, a Leadtek 128mb 6800 - purchased at the princely sum of £191 and heres my experience thus far.
    On taking it out of the cheapo cardboard packaging (oem), was disapointed to find only a utilities/driver disc and a phono connector - well, you gets what you pays for!
    On installation into my asus A78NX-X mobo, was p....d off to find that on booting up, the entire screen was covered in artifacting and the drivers could'nt install, after three hours of combing the computer for incompatiability issues, found that the mobo's nforce drivers for the onboard soundcard was conflicting with the card so I uninstalled the nforce driver and downloaded and installed the latest ac97 driver and now the card appears to be working ok.
    As for performance, I have to admit to being pretty much pleased but was disapointed to find that the nvidia demos (5900 & 6800) I downloaded were very slow and jerky - on the other hand, games are a revelation with increased fps in the likes of far cry, thief 3, and the demo of halo in high res looks glorious.
    On running 3d mark 03, along with an amd 2400, 768 meg 333, 128mb 6800 and w2k, my score is 7163, I'd like to improve this - as its been quite some years since I last used a nvidia card, I'm not teched up as to which is the best overclocking software for this card, can anyone make a suggestion?
  2. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    probly coolbits registry tweak.

  3. vega

    vega TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 147

    The query was posed some days ago and since then I'v tried several programs, amongst them, rivatuner, powerstrip and a couple of others.
    Powerstrip turned out to be the best of the lot being easy to use and achieving the best results with 3d mark 03 going from around 7100 to over 7900 whilst exhibiting no artifacting or errors.
  4. Bug

    Bug TS Rookie Posts: 79

    Yeah, there are a number of good applications that will do it. I only recommend the Coolbits reg tweak as it uses the built in GeForce overclock utility that comes with the drivers. There is no additional software. Anything that works, sorry I didn't get back sooner.
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