My notebook integrated camera suddenly gone

By DonNagual
May 6, 2006
  1. Probably a really easy answer to this, but

    1. Still new to notebook computers
    2. Using a Japanese OS - I speak Japanese but reading ..... yeesh.

    It's a new notebook (

    The camera (integrated) was working fine, now suddenly it has vanished.

    I have been looking for it in my device manager, and under the "sound, video and game contollers" I can find a "legacy video capture device" that appears to be working normally.

    However, in any program I go to use requiring the camera it says I do not have any video capture device installed.

    EDIT: I have also gone into my control panel, and looked under the "printer and other hardware", "scanner and camera" screens and it shows NOTHING there. No camera showing.

    Thanks in advance all.
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