My notebook is beating me up and its winning

By hawkr44
Jan 23, 2005
  1. hi,
    i have a hp pavilion xf145 notebook, a year ago a guy fixed it for me and because i didnt have recovery disks he said he would get them for me, turns out he put an illegal copy of xp on there (found that out while trying to dl service pack 2), so i ordered recovery disks from hp, loaded them in my computer and now all the happens is windows trys to load, then before loading it shuts off and turns back and continues in a loop from hell. I tried starting it in safe mode and it tells me that it is not properly installed and to reinstall it, i have reinstalled it like 10 times, i flashed an updated bios to the laptop and i was finally able to get e-diagnosis to work, it says i have a bad memory module(s). What i dont understand is the computer worked fine before i loaded in the recovery disks and now it doesnt and says memory module is bad. HP online could not give me any help, they wanted to sell me an extended warranty and send it into service. And yes, when i installed the recovery disks i did everything in every order i was supposed to. Any help would be appreciatied. I also have checked the memory modules and reset the computer. Im dyin here.
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    Google "memtest86" Download this, Install to a floppy and run it from boot.. This will verify the memory. Also try installing with one stick of RAM pulled. Same results? try pulling the other and reinstalling.. Could be the RAM is heting up on the reload, Or theres a Cold or bad solder joint for one of the RAM sockets..
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