my overclocked amd wont reset.

By on the high
Jul 19, 2005
  1. system specs

    Amd 64 2800@ 1800Mhz
    MSI NForce4 chipset MB
    Nvidia 6600 256MB PCi-ex.
    seagate barracude 80Gb
    512 MB DDR.

    an overclocking utility which came along with MB used to show my system as 1800MHZ as 200 MHZ with a multiplier of 9. some tweaking made it 201Mhz and x 9 and hence my system ran to 1809 MHz. but now even after i have reset the overclock and system shows 200x9 yet the running sped of the machine is 1809 Mhz and somehow i feel the macine is very laggy, ie Windows media player /winamp takes a few secs to open up etc. . . n so on.

    why could this be happening and any solutions?
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