My PC Hangs (PSU=500w)

By armin_elec
Mar 13, 2006
  1. My PC hangs from time to time, mainly when I'm playing games or multmedia any kind also when i'm running (dblclicking) an application. sometimes the app doesn't run completely, but the PC is still working...

    MB: ASUS P4P800S SE (sound is onboard)
    CPU: Intel, Celeron, 2.8 GHZ
    1 DVD/CD-Rom
    AGP NVidia (5500) GeForce
    1 512MB RAM
    1 Floppy
    PSU: 500W
    Multisystem: Windows XP, 98se

    I've checked the heat and they're all normal:
    CPU: min=40 - max=53
    MB Chip: min=22 - max=33

    It has never happend to me till now, I've checked the VGA on another PC. Result: OK.
    I put another VGA on mine and the problem still exists the same way...

    I've been looking here, the same problem has happend to someone, but the problem was because of the PSU (250w).
    So I copy/paseted that here and changed the values to mine.
    Here's the link to that topic:

    I've searched the whole forum and that was the most nearest post to describe my problem.
    If the same has been already posted in the forum, I appologize, but I didn't find any...

    I hope someone can help me too...

    Thank you
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