my pc is whack. you got an hour for me to explain?

By murophelia ยท 4 replies
Nov 28, 2005
  1. ok, 12 Sept my pc commenced failing. (Thats the date my Live Update quit) I have been running WinXP, wireless. I killed that wireless thingy, as I'm thinkin I got hijacked-- a LAN that read LINUX came up. No one here owns a Linux. When I tried to delete, change settings for the Linux LAN the pop-up told me it was in use and I could not. When I looked at its packets-- there were like 600,000 outgoing and none in/ ACK.

    I have manually configured all the settings for my LAN (wireless) and it actually worked for like 3 minutes. For the rest of the time I had no browser. (IE, Firefox) Obviously thats correct now, as I dismembered the wireless.

    We use Actiontec wireless gateway. Our main machine is a MAC, ethernet connection. DSL sucks. <-- thats us. We also have a laptop, brand new, wireless, works like a charm.

    I am so lost about this problem. I have asked a dozen people and forums and I dont know what to say.

    Ask me something!! Help!

    Errors I find:
    End tasks/not responding ALL OF THEM, even the ctrl/alt/delete task ender thingy shows not responding. Then my whole sys freezes. I'm thinking to crash my pc for real from the 2nd story deck. Film at 11.

    More errors: No browser, theres more, to be continued.

    AND (?) there is that little flash about 1/4 inch big in the very centre of my screen as I startup )never seen that before. I am paranoid its the newest virus/worm/whatever. Where in the heck does a girl start? I am easily excitable; caps lock happen by osmosis, sorry. I have taken photos of DOS stuff and of the Linux LAN. I photog everything. I am addicted, lol

    For real my PC is whack.


  2. howard_hopkinso

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  3. murophelia

    murophelia TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I followed your suggestions, Howard

    Hiya, thanks for the welcome! I am not sure where I should be posting this stuff. But I started here and until told otherwise I will remain here posting.
    I do have ad-aware (I paid for it) And spybot.

    Here is my update:
    I cannot get online/ I went ahead to delete cookies and such through My Documents. It commenced working! I got rid of 4. Now its froze: search results= (not responding) Oh I am going to cry. ACK! My recycle bin froze now too. The little bars have gone all the way to the end-- properly as they do when you uninstall or empty widgets.

    In the meanwhile, I am reading the other links in your post, Howard

    I also tried to remove Norton stuff. I read that on another post. Of course, it froze= then not responding. I should call the cops, lol lol. I cannot "X" out of my boxes (technical word windows?) If I try to drag a window out of the way-- it copies itself like a spread deck of cards. That's bad isnt it. Its like my memory? (literally too, ha) is overloaded. Dummy guesser.

    Hence, I cannot even open up my system info to tell you whatsit.

    I dont know what the all technical words mean in my profile bit: OS, Sound Cards, etc. I do know that last time I checked, I had like 67% of my computer free. I dont have a lot of "junk" init. *maybe thats a lie-- i dont know whats in there at the moment*

    This is what i know: My tower thingy (dont you dare laugh) is e-machine. I think Win Milennium was first installed, then upgraded to XP via upgrade cd. I only have the upgrade cd.

    So, I've got WinXP Pro, SP2. I have all the 'normal" bits installed. I installed extra memory about a year ago or more. How much? (?)

    *I do have 'Hijack This' installed from another suggestion to do so..
    Perhaps I can get another copy? I have made changes since then. Like no wireless, etc.

    I cannot get online with my PC-- unless there is a way to plug it in via USB port? Got cables, will install. And if I go ethernet (unplug from MAC to PC) am I going to wreck anything? I do have another brand new modem.. in case one breaks.

    I talk too much.
  4. Samstoned

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    watch out for the coffee
    veryyy slowww ly
    remove all unnecessary parts from pc
    the nic the extra memory what ever that you don't need to boot up to OS
    on boot hit the F8 key try to boot in last know good condition is if it is freezing up here
    if it does try again but boot to safe see if it freezes here
    go to control panel /computer management /events
    make notes of events
    delete all of them restrart pc / go back to events check again
    do search for errors in log
    also in safe mode run hijackthis and post here
    If machine is still freezing up and you cannot do above
    best bet if you have any files you want to save load them on the some other machine
    reinstall ME then up to your xp
    if you dont have ME disc you can find ME.iso's on internet
    just calm down life goes on.
  5. murophelia

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    i dont know what came over me *aCk* its like Prison without internet
    i cant remember exactly what i did but it followed the dots in howard_'s siggie. and i waited for about 3 minutes to know if it was safe before i plugged the ethernet cable in. with safety glasses. and i held the dog in front of me.. ha. my poor family, yeah?
    i figure i will do all the scanning bits and then stare at my pc trying the hijack thingy.

    I have scanned through posts and I'm sorta freaked out about when/ what
    I am to be posting and not posting and where. This computer forum stuff
    makes me nervous. It's Bush's fault. Sware.

    im on to updating widgets and scanning for whatevers bothering me.
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