My Pc Turns Off - Bad Case

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Feb 21, 2006
  1. this is my problem
    for som months i ve been having these simptoms:
    doing not much - but suddenly the monitor goes off , as well as the pc - except everything is runnin (i can tell that the pc is off by the stopping of my media player - no sound- but coolers are cooling). everything works-no cooler is stopped, no game played at the moment, just doing things. by that i can judge that it isnt overheating.
    i have to restart my pc everytime . i have reinstalled my windows - and after that error ,i get "sysytem restored after a serioius error" on my desktop after all startup progs satrtup.
    when i looked in my event viewer ,i noticed some errors :
    system error (102) 1003 - right affter i restart my pc
    also i get :
    mrx smb - none 8003
    w3svc - none 113. - but when working
    one thing i noticed - i found out a way of causing this in purpose (although i get this sh** in the most different times)

    1) when i drag more the 5 -10 songs in my media playeer classic(k lite) -works everytime - i can even show it to my friends
    2) when i try to unpack a three - time packed archihe on my desktop (when i try to unpack it - unpack in folder - then unpack in folder - and when the last unpacks it goes black) and i noticed it is more likely to happen in this situations when some programs run- even 1-2 in the tray.
    3)or even when i try to pack some files 5-10 - it crashes - so when i try to pack my minidumps guess what happens =(

    these are the times it goes off for 100 % - a month ago this wouldn't happen - but know i am reaaly worried - i reinstalled my OS but the problem exists - i guess there is little chance that it is my software.

    one more thing - each time it appears , i hear how my hdd slows down - and when i restart i hear it speed up - don't know why - maybe it should

    my guess is that this whole problem has smth to do with my hardware - but i didnt check anything yet - what should i do. what programs could help me.
    please help - all help is welcome- i am tired of it...
  2. DonNagual

    DonNagual TechSpot Ambassador Posts: 2,406

    Let's start by running a test on your ram to rule that out. Download and run: and let it run for 6 or 7 passes. It'll take a couple of hours just to forewarn you.

    I would also run a test on your hard drive. What make is it? PowerMax claimes to work on all hard drives, so give it a shot: Downloads/All Downloads&downloadID=22

    It would probably be a good idea to give us a detailed list of all your parts as well:

    motherboard make/model:
    ram: (both side, speed and number of sticks)
    PSU (don't leave this out)
    Hdd (make/size)
  3. renegade

    renegade TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my pc is

    here are its parametrs


    COOLER: DATA COOLER, SOCKET A 462D, 3200 +, 80X80, 2800RPM, cooper


    DDR: 256 PC3200, 400 MHZ ELIXIRS

    DDR 256 PC3200, 400 MHZ ELIXIRS



    FDD :FDD 3,5” 1.44MB


    MONITOR :LG FLATRON CRT F720B 17” , 0,24MM STRIPE,W-ARAS,1024X768@85HZ TCO-99

    CASE : 8815 400W USB

    OS : xp
    hope this will help
  4. Tedster

    Tedster Techspot old timer..... Posts: 6,002   +15

    your PSU is undersized. a 400W PSU only puts out about 320W..... go to a 550W or better PSU.
  5. renegade

    renegade TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my chk

    well this is my status
    1) i cheked my harddrive with mhdd 4.4 - no bad sectors -
    no other were seen

    2) cheked my pc with memtest - no errors (maybe i tested not long enough - but how long should i test)

    what else should i do

    note: my pc is still on warranty - 4 months from a year are left - its almost new - but the problem seemed to appear long ago - but it appeared not so often as now(well no often, but in such cases like media player classic- i always used it, and never seemed to have problems with it or winrar - only now i seem to have this problems.)

    could it be a virus - or soft - i reinstalled my os , but my soft is the same i used - well not all programs - but still (though i installed no codecs,players, or downloaders, but still the problem appears ! in different cases !- last one was when wathcing a film on windows media player 10)

    still waiting for help...and im desprate :(
  6. LuminaryJanitor

    LuminaryJanitor TS Rookie

    I think Tedster might be right... As of six hours ago my pc started switching itself off whenever I copy large chunks of data from CD to my HD, or whenever I extract large archives. Apparently it's because my PSU is a piece of crap.

    I've also got a 400W PSU. My system needs, in total, about 250W (calculated here), so assuming a 320W actual PSU output, it looks like everything should be fine. But...

    About 150W of this total needs to come from the +12V rail. The maximum 12V output of my PSU is (10A x 12V = ) 120W, and in reality it's probably not much more than 90W. This is the cause of all my problems (or so I've been told...) and quite possibly yours too. So if you're going to buy a new PSU, keep in mind not only the overall wattage, but also the current rating of individual rails. From what I've heard, 30A on the +12V is about what you'll need.

    But whatever you do, don't go and buy anything on my advice alone... ask someone who knows what they're talking about...

    EDIT: If you know anyone with a better PSU (who isn't squeamish about pulling their PC apart), ask if you can borrow it and see if it fixes the problem.
  7. renegade

    renegade TS Rookie Topic Starter

    part of it is solved

    well - latest statistics on my problem.

    somehow yesterday it bumed me in the head- why not uninstall my outpost firewall ? guess what happened when i did - it stopped turning off on purpose - now i can archive large amounts, listen 40 at the time -
    but that was yesterday ....i gave it a time testing - if the problem wouldn't appear - then it is solved ....

    20 min ago it turned off - now i don't have any ideas why - this time not on puprpose - i left my pc for about 3 mins - coming back seeing that it isn't working right again - when will this end :mad: - i cant get any rest --

    ps - another irritating problem - everytime i turn off my pc (from the adaptor )
    when i turn it on, my mouse isn't working - untill i unplug it (at the time) blow through the connection, and plug it back - sometimes works - sometimes i need to restart my pc. the same could be even with the keyboard - but it happens not so often ...

    notice - my pc doesnt TURN OFF - it is working like it is every time - but my monitor is black , and the soft isn't running - but physically pc works just like it is on (if i ask someone - he wont tell if it is working,or not - it can be recognized only when you try to turn the monitor on (while the light-button goes on and off !!! ) ....

    still waiting help .... :(
  8. renegade

    renegade TS Rookie Topic Starter


    great help this is
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