My PC Won't boot and there are no error messages

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Sep 22, 2007
  1. Hi Guys!

    Almost 2 years ago I bought a computer which is: Emachines, model: T6216 Desktop PC

    This computer came with Windows XP but several months ago I decided to install Windows Vista so that's what I did and Windows Vista was working fine for almost 4 months until now...

    The problem that I have now is that I woke up and try to turn on my PC and it won't boot... No error messages, nothing appears in the screen just a black screen and nothing else.

    I tried to take out some RAM and try it to boot but it won't do anything... I tried to disconnect all USB cables and nothing is working...

    The power is ON and the processor seems to be running but it never stops, I mean before when I turn my PC ON I use to hear the noise from the processor and after few seconds the noise stops but right now the noise doesn't stop and it seems that the processor is continue to run and it never stops.

    Can somebody please help me with this?
  2. raybay

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    Typical motherboard failure of an eMachine... T-6216 is one of those which has total motherboard failure. Look at the barrell-like devices near the cpu fan and heat sink. They may be puffy, split, leaking a brown or rust colored substance, or the secondary chip (with Silver Heat Sink) has pulled out of the board.

    This failure will sometimes cause the power supply to fail, but it is the motherboard that needs replacement.

    Replacement motherboard is $159.95 at eMachines... which will allow your hard drive to work and your recovery/install discs to reinstall.

    Your hard drive, memory, modem, heat sink, and cpu are likely still good.

    You can buy a replacement board of a different make for about $44... so weight that and the cost of the Windows Disc against the cost of a new eMachines motherboard plus the $17 shipping.
    But you can get
  3. jcroot

    jcroot TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 56

    Thanks for your reply... The most important thing is my hard drive, I have important files here... is there a way that I can backup my hard drive to my external hard drive? Or my hard drive is damage also?

    What do you recomment me? to buy a mother board from eMachines or just buy a new computer?

    Thanks a lot for your help.
  4. raybay

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    Yes, it is quite possible to save everything on the hard drive... You can put it in a USB external drive case. Or you can install it in another computer as a Slave drive. Windows will usually detect it readily. Then you can use recovery software such as one of the inexpensive versions found on or just use drag and drop routines of Windows, then save them to the had drive, or burn them to cd's or DVDs.

    You can still use the eMachine hard drives. They are standard and as reliable as any others found in other computers... but you will need a full version of Windows XPH or XPP (not an OEM version, nor Academic, nor recovery/restore versions) And the "Full Version" is expensive.
  5. jcroot

    jcroot TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 56

    Thanks for your reply!

    Well I guess I will buy another PC... I really want to save all my files from my other PC since I have all my High School Work there. Also I use Outlook 2007 in my Emachines PC, is there a way a can save my Outlook 2007 data file and import it into my new PC?

    One more thing... If I enter my emachines hard drive to my new PC and make it slave will I be able to save all my files since my hard drive has windows vista installed and I use a password for my windows vista account.
  6. raybay

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    Yes, you can save the data off the hard drive that was in the eMachines, using the drive as a slave... then using recovery software from, or just drag and drop...
    Also, you can use an externa USB drive to access the data.
    The trick is often just knowing where the data is kept on the old hard drive... not always as easy as My Documents, or Program files.
  7. jcroot

    jcroot TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 56

    Thanks for all your help...

    Last question: I will be able to save my files even if my hard drive has windows vista installed? please remember that my account under windows has a password...

    Pretty much I have most of the Info I need so I can save my files... I decided to buy a new PC since if I buy a new mother board it will be the same deal.
  8. raybay

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    I cannot answer that. I have not yet worked with a VISTA install password problem.
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