My pc wont boot up!!!!!!!!help!!!

By Mannysingh51
May 28, 2007
  1. Hello, ill start with my main pc spec:

    Cpu: 3.4ghz intel pentium 4 socket 775
    Power supply : 450w
    Ram: 2x 512mb kingston
    Graphics: 256mb ati radeon x700 pro
    hardrive: 160gb samsung spinpoint

    Right the problem: a few days ago i decided to open my pc to clean the fans and components. i do this every few months. This time i decided to take the fan off and replae the thermal compound grease between the cpu and fan. I reattached everything and loaded my pc back up, everything was working fine. Yesterday i turned it on and all i saw was a black screen on my monitor, i could hear all the fans running and the pc didnt pass its post (no beep) which normally happens on startup. I reopened the pc took everything out, and rebuilt the pc again, still nothing when i start it up, no beep!! So also ive tried using a different power supply, i tried unplugging all the cd drvies and ram, and starting it jus to see if i even get an error beep,NOTHING STILL! i am very stuck on what to do and what has happened to my pc, the fans seem to be working and so does the hardrive, ive tested my ram, graphics and hardrive they all are in working order, i have not tested the cpu as i cant find another computer with socket 775 motherboard to use. But i believe it should be in fine working order. i have read through the forum and have also tried resetting the cmos settings on the board.
    Basically the computer will not boot properly nothing appears on screen(oh and the moitor does work) normally i wil get a beep when the pc starts, but i dont, and i am stuck on what to do now, can anyone help please!!!????:( thank you
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    read the no post guide in the guides forum.
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