My pc Won't Start properly

By Symbolic
Aug 26, 2005
  1. whenever I would try and start my pc up i would get this blue screen so i did some searching and tryed this /fixboot trick. Now whenever i start up it just sits idle and won't even attempt to get to windows. I REALLY want to keep whats on it because it has some Guitar stuff i've been working on. I'm going to try this BootCFG thing with the recovery console after. Any help will be appreciated, and thanks before hand as I am at my library and do not know if i'll be able to reply right away.
  2. Liquidlen

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    You may have jumped the gun by "trying the fixboot thing",you may have corrupted your Master Boot Record-MBR. When you get a BSOD usually there is a file name mentioned that you can use to try and fix your problem
    I take it you are using XP ,You can try boot to F8 and do a 'system restore" to a "previous Good start"
    Or boot to the XP cd and do a system repair ,this should not destroy your Data.However you will consider a good Backup system when you fix this problem, because you never know.
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