My power supplies keep blowing

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I have a dell in the back of the house that has blown 2 power supplies this month the pc before it was a compact that worked fine for three years.I have a hp in the dining room that blew 4 power supplies in one month I bought a atx 450 power supplie for it two months ago and started unpluging it at night I have not had a problem with it for two months the one up front was only blowing when I turned the pc on before I started unplugging at night.


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It might be worthwhile to invest in a good battery backup. Power surges only protect against power spikes, but not brown outs or other types of irregular voltage.
even though I severely doubt this is the case... make sure the power supplies don't have a switch on the back that's set to 220, make sure it's 110.


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some psus dont like being "jolted" all the time. all atx 2.0 or higher compliant psu's use "soft off" mode instead of "power off". the difference: the mainboard and psu are still getting +5VSB at about 2 or 3 amps. when you black out or unplug it all the time, the psu may start to flake. avoid unplugging at all costs, the mainboard "adapts" to that voltage after a while, this is why many experience mainboard and psu failiure when swapping the psu out for a new one.

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If the power supply keeps going out it has to be for some reason other than the power supply. Sometimes when a power supply goes bad it destroys other parts like the motherboard and the CPU as well. You may want to try a new motherboard. Just dont buy a DEER Power supply, Antec is a lot better.

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99% of all power supplies are NOT blown when your computer does not start.
1. unplug the power cord
2. switch the power switch 115/230 back and forth 2 or 3 times.
3. return the switch to the proper voltage position
4. plug the power cord backin.
5. turn on the computer...
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