My PSU caused a huge problem....

By crash4180
Jul 28, 2005
  1. Hello recently ive been google'ing things to try and find answers to my computer problems and i found this site very information. However i have one huge problem.

    The other day while playing an online game (americas army) my computer just randomly shut off, thus after reading this site i found out my psu died. Thus i replaced it. However now i have a bigger problem that i need help with.

    Whenever i start up my computer it always says "primary master drive: None. And this is where the HD is suppose to be. I checked all the connections in the computer and they're all tight. I even reconnected everything. However i still get the message "enter boot disk cd" . So i pop in the windows cd then after thats complete doing whatever its doing i get this message "Your computer has shut down because it cannot find the file partmgr.sys" So i restart my computer then all of a sudden my primary master drive finds the HD... however 3 seconds later it says "primary master drive failed" Thus taking me back to the boot disk cd place and giving me the same "partmgr.sys cannot be found" .

    What im thinking is did i fry my hard drive? Can someone please help me, this is driving me nuts.

    Btw system specs:
    ASUS A7N266 Mobo
    1.6-1.9 ghz (cant remember)
    AMD chipset
    Western Digital 40 gb hd
    Brand new installed Radeon ATI 9600 pro vidcard (I was playing with this card 2 weeks prior to my computer shutting down)
    Brand new 300w power supply
  2. crash4180

    crash4180 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Oh btw i cannot get into windows or get into safe mode ... it wont even let me go that far
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