my sata hdd do not show up anymore

Jul 18, 2007
  1. i have tried everything i could think of, i even tried what some people said. My computer was running fine, i shut it off and it never could reboot on again. It keeps rebooting and rebooting when trying to load xp.

    When i go to the bios, it shows me the 2 sata hdd (only in raid). SO i gave up and decided to reformatt the hdd. After xp does the initial loading of drivers. It tells me that there are no hdd present.

    My motherboard has the Sata connection on the board. So i do not need any third-party drivers. What is my problem? Did i miss any thing? Could a virus do this?
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    Kinda new to SATA, but dont you need to load drivers at the "F6 to load raid or SCSI drivers" part of XP install. I dont think its enough that the controller is onboard.


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    if my bios can see the drives doesn't that mean that the drivers are working

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    i finally got it working, i had to change the bios. The hdd were in RAID, i had to change it to IDE, then to Legacy. The sad part is that i tired to use the matix (ctrl -I) option and it erased my hdd with all movie and programs. I wish i tried this first before everything else. Well im formatting my hdd now, so thanks to everybody who threw an idea to me.
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