Overclocking My sony laptop turns off constantly why?

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I have a sony vaio laptop Model Pcg Grs700p. Its 2.0Ghz 1gb of ram and 60gb HD. When i first bought this laptop, the cpu fan would speed up when it was getting hot and now its speeds up only when it turns on then it slows down and turns off after about 2min it turns on again but its spinning slow and stays like that for the remaining of the time. I tried replacing the cpu fan and still the same. I then installed speed fan and didnt understand much about it. All i saw was that before it turned off the hdd temp had a arrow next to it going up and then a flame appeared after, when it then turned off. I dont know if hard drive is causing the laptop to turn off or what is. I think its the cpu fan because its going to slow. If this is the problem is there a software that will tell the fan to speed up or can i hook it anywhere else in the board where the fan will on at a faster speed. Please help thanks.
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i have installed speed fan but the temps are HD0 110F and my temp1 111F is this to hot because it has a flame in front of the temp on both.


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no, the flame its designed at about 50*C to assure that the system is cool. never say your systems are hot if they do not exceed 65*C. You can change the settings at configuration. usually laptop shutdown at 90*C, you can use programs like NHC to extend the shutdown period. you might also look at my thread [laptop boiling]


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I would suggest getting a laptop cooler if your system runs hot. Also this thread belongs in the mobile computing forum.
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