My Sony Vaio Will not boot to windows, will not let me run System Recovery.

By Chevy Man
Jan 6, 2005
  1. My Vaio Just got so many viruses and worms it died. All infected files were found in SYSTEM32 folder and would not boot up. When I tried to load system recovery it says that ****.sys could not be loaded. sorry about not knowing the filename but I couldnt remember and it is no longer showing me the error because I used fdisk to format and then installed windows 98SE just to try and get a operating sytem on it so that I could troubleshoot. My question is there seems to be a partition left on the drive and I think that's what is hurting me. Can anybody help me with any expierience in hard drive partitions and getting the vaio system recovery discs to load up? please help i hate to buy another drive because of my own stupidity. :giddy:
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