my Soyo KT400 is Having Probs with my ATI Radeon 8500

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I have a

AMD Athlon XP 1.8ghz
Soyo KT400 Dragon Ultra Platinum
Ati Radeon 8500 64 Meg DDR

When i use any program with 3d acceleration (Counter-Strike,Quake III) it bluescreens and says


i already have the most updated bios and some updates for WINDOWS XP.

PLEASE HELP...:mad: :confused: :mad:


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A couple of questions.

Is this a new card for you, or have you had it for some time?
Assuming it's been in your rig working fine until now, I'd take the following steps.

First, I'd uninstall and re-install the video drivers. If that doesn't do it, re-seat the card in the AGP slot. If still no go, I'd stop wasting time troublshooting, and RMA the card if it's still under warrantly, or simply buy a new toy to replace it.
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