My System Moves Files Itself !!

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Dec 18, 2004
  1. Hello there,

    I download music from the internet and after I cut and paste them in my "music" folder sometimes explorer moves them itself in another location.
    What is strange is that sometimes it moves a couple of songs in a folder and a few days later the rest of the files of the same folder.
    I use XP - NTFS - NORTON - Pest Patrol - Media Player.

    Anybody have encounter this problem before ?

    Many thanks for your thoughts if you have any.

  2. melicca

    melicca TS Rookie

    similar issue


    We have all of our cd's ripped for the MP3 player. All of the songs are organized by artists within the genre of music. I have been having a problem that files are being moved out of the folders. But usually not the whole folder, just part of the folder or it leaves 1 song in. Not sure if it is Windows Media Manager or what???? Running spyware and virus protection b/c we have a separate hard drive for all of our files and just realized our scans weren't scanning the extra drive.

    Just wondering if you had any luck with your similar problem.

  3. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    if you use/have more than one media player (eg: windows media 10 and itunes) or a file manager they will move the files according to its own settings when you add the songs to the libraries/playlists.. if you do run itunes just goto options and turn off 'arrange files automaticaly' or something similar
  4. melicca

    melicca TS Rookie

    I am running Motorola Music Manager and Windows Media Player 10. Both these programs have been on for over a year. It was not till the last month that the MP3's have been moving. I can't find anything about turning off media player sort. I put the file back where they belong and later files are back in the main My Music folder.

    Example how I arange my music.
    My Music;Classic Rock;The Beates;Let It Be;(songs)

  5. N3051M

    N3051M TS Evangelist Posts: 2,115

    there seems to be a program that is moving it for you.. just not in the catagories you want them in.. taht is what i think.. highly doubtful it would be something malicous..

    umm... may have something to do with anything you've recently downloaded/installed in the past month.. or the motorola program or WMP10, clicked on an option or something.. just dbl chk all teh things inside are ok and stuff..

    check your list of programs and processes and see if theres any sort of managers/scanners/media etc.. and just for fun and good maintainance practice, scan the four baddies (virus, ad/spy/malware)- probably wont do much but hey.. :)

    if you could, turn off all non-essential startup programs when you boot up (via msconfig or the program itself) and then move the files and see what happens, if nothing moves you can start enableing it/using it one by one untill you find it through elimination..

    apart from that i dont have much more ideas at the moment.
    see how it goes..
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