My thinkpad r51 won't turn on?

By lost user
May 11, 2006
  1. I Purchased a thinkpad r51 from a friend without a power cord, i checked the laptop because their was a small amount of power left in the battery so i knew it worked, it said it needed a 16v 4.5a adapter, eager to really use it i tried several of my friends laptop chargers that appeared to fit but was of different voltages, when i finally, recently purchased a targus universal a/c adapter designed to work with ibm's r series i plug it up and it still didn't work, i used a 115 watt and a 80 watt targus adapter and still no power. I called ibm and they told me to disconnect the battery and power cord and press the power button 10x and on the 11th hold it for 30 seconds and that should reset the system board and that still did'nt work. is it possible i burned something out in my attempt to use other power cords or should i try to find a charger that clearly states that it works with model # r51 and not just r series... PLEASE HELP
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