my toolbox is rusted shut!!!

By lixman
Sep 3, 2007
  1. hi - guess i'll point out that i'm balky now on snooping out loads of techy fix work. sure i could spend hours and hours but then i'm already doing that - yet never have time to defrag or reinstall my OS which i'm told is the only way to deal the infected programs really. and cannot afford anything(like software) yet somehow, i'm surviving with mailwasher, addaware and spybot. XP. but i can't really do much. i would like to tap into some mpeg type content but it's too slow and decoding appears to be futile really, not having a clue how it needs to be configured. with the old athlon xp1800 and 1G ram. i used to be able to burn a movie to dvd with dvdshrink and nero. one friend says he has NO PROBLEM burning with nero(only) but won't help me with mine. i get updates from sourceforge but have no interest in unraveling and editing script - it's my impression that's where sourceforge goes no? this winter, perhaps i'll try to learn how to ftp or transfer a site to a chosen server(again). no money. less and less time. i liked css back when i learned it but i know people that are php'ing their new sites when they could use css too. anyway, i will have questions and look forward to whatever solution sets are proffered.
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