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My Toshiba Gigabeat player has System error! Help please

By ivy16_villar ยท 7 replies
Mar 23, 2006
  1. Ei.. guys or Forum masters.. please help me.. My Gigabeat player had encountered problems.. each time i open it it says system error.. what should I do?? please help..
  2. Arlaun

    Arlaun TS Rookie

    My Gigabeat is doing the same thing but I tried to turn the battery on and off then turning the Gigabeat back on. I did this but it kept saying system error. Thus I did it again and it progressed to saying "NO SYSTEM FOUND ON HDD"

    Please help.
  3. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 714

    Try reinstalling the frimware on the player. Athough it will delete all the songs on it.
  4. Arlaun

    Arlaun TS Rookie

    Firmware? Don't exactly know what the is ^.^;;
  5. taylorDearest

    taylorDearest TS Rookie

    My Toshiba Gigabeat..

    Yeah, she's having the same problem.
    And not only that, but her battery life is also dead to the max.

    Kay, so in tech-illeterate terms and instructions,

    I can't live without my Gigabeat.
    She's my baby!
  6. Arlaun

    Arlaun TS Rookie

    What I ended up doing was just calling the manufacturer and told them what had happened and apparently all you need to do is to reinstall the firmware. But make sure you have the newest one and if you bought the gigabeat (like I did) with like version 1 frimware and gigabeat room make sure you get the manufacturer to mail you the newest version. I did all this for free and my gigabeat has been working great
  7. wlatour

    wlatour TS Rookie

    ***Toshiba Gigabeat FIX ****Tech Support

    Just install your software that came with your Gigabeat. After installation please run the following program. Start/Programs/Toshiba Gigabeat Room/Formatting Utility for Gigabeat. This will place all the files back in the hard drive. Please do not format this unit from My computer to the drive letter. You end up deleting the system and boot files. Thanks Warren
  8. rockola1454

    rockola1454 TS Rookie

    In fixing mine, I put together this guide. Hope this helps some other people out there, too.

    http: home.comcast.net/~mmoyars1316/Gigabeat/Giga_fix.htm

    Please feel free to copy & host this on other sites for redundancy if you find it helpful. Cheers!

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