my vaio is slower than before

By joe mama ยท 5 replies
Oct 6, 2004
  1. i have a vaio pcv-rz22g pentium 4 2.4 my problem is that it is getting real slow whaen i have more than 2 windows and programs running, this didnt happen before, i dont know much about this kind of stuff so i need some help please,
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    What programs do you have running in the background? Have you installed new programs just recently? Could it be some spyware running in the background? Try downloading adware and spybot search & destroy. Get the latest definition and run them one after another to see if there are any malicious spyware lurking in the background.

    You might also want to try to defrag your hard drive.
  3. joe mama

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    thank you

    im doing the spyware thingie right now, so im just waiting , i gotta ask u: do u think that changing the processor has had anything to do with it? my friend installed my new processor (pentium 4 3point something with ht that i got from a friend,
    and it was allright, but now a week after i got internet cable this happens, and he took it off the computer and placed the 1 i had before, because maybe that was the problem, (his words ) now im back to my pentium 4 2.4 but when i run the earthlink cd , the program in it complains that my cpu speed is around 200 mhz, and yeah, it's been really slow ,i tried the cd in my laptop and the speed is 3000 something,.....anyways, thanks a bunch, let me try the spyware thing . ....oh, my friend is not sure the ht processor is the right 1 for my pc, do u know if its true?
  4. joe mama

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    it didnt work

    i got me mcaffe spy something something cause i have mcaffe anti virus , so i got rid of the spy and adware restarted but still have the problem, i already defragmented both hard drives and the amount of programs running is the same i had couple months ago, and still everything is slow, theres this thing i saw on the program called task manager....well, it says system idle process and it seems to be using most of the cpu for itself....that greedy bastard!.

    anyways, is there another thing i can do to fix my computer?
  5. daayglow

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    hymmm slower

    Try rebooting into safe mode and if the speed returns something is loading up in regular mode to slow your machine down--meaning a software problem.
  6. daayglow

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