My video card sucks. Radeon 9250 pci slot.

By derangedmono
Jun 8, 2007
  1. is there any else i can do before buying a new video card?
    my systemm amd 64 3800 process. 1 gig or ram. 225 gig hard drive. and my crappy old video card which i bought not knowing only what the case said and then i didnt know what a thing or memory for video cards. but now i know ALOT more..but its 2 late. =( so is there anything else i can do without speding another video card?
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  3. stretch37

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    If it has a fan, try using rivatuner to overclock it.

    lower the texture quality with riva tuner or Catalyst Control Panel

    force shader 2.0 or 1.1 to achieve increased performance at a visual price. Also use rivatuner for this.
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    The 9250 PCI is okay but if you want gaming with a PCI slot, get a X1550 or a HD2400 =D

    I guess you're SOL then =(

    Only way to get the most out of it, Overclock your 9250 =D
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