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Jan 1, 2004
  1. Here's the messages I get when I reboot:
    HOTSYNC MANAGER The selected port, COM2, is not available at this time. Hotsync manager will open the port when it becomes available.
    When I click "ok" on that message, I get:
    Unable to open the database in PLD check.
    What does this mean?
    I recently switched from earthlink to URON internet. I'm in the Chicago area. The modem is Castlenet model no. CXC150. It's a cable modem. My PC is an IBM aptiva with Intel Pentium I. Recently my mouse has been acting funny when I try to play games. It beeps, and the mouse cursor freezes. Then the game locks up except for the sound, and I have to reboot. Are these two things connected? Any ideas? ANYTHING you can suggest would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks to you tech guys! And Happy New Year....; )
  2. RealBlackStuff

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    If your mouse is a serial one (on COM2), try moving it to COM1 (need to reinstall mouse-software) or using a PS/2 mouse.
    There seems to be an interrupt-conflict between hotsync and mouse, both on COM2
  3. Shrdlu

    Shrdlu TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks but...wha?

    How do I do the above? Switch from com1 to com2? I think I know how to reload the mouse software: Go to add/remove programs and uninstall the mouse software, reboot, then reinstall the software. Right? But how to I switch com ports? Thanks for the suggestions in any case. Shrdlu
  4. SubKamran

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    Look on the back of your case, switch the mouse cord to a different port (but same size of course). If it's in use, you're sorta screwed.

    I'd buy a new mouse for about $5 :)
  5. Nodsu

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    HotSync manager is software to connect to your Palm via serial port. It is conflicting with your mouse. Uninstall the (useless) thing.
  6. Shrdlu

    Shrdlu TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Thanks, Nodsu! You're the only one to solve this irritating conundrum for me.
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