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Nasty XP Issue

By Schpudd
Mar 8, 2007
  1. Well, as all mistakes generally start out this could have been avoided if I was smart enough to not rush into fitting all my new hardware. I can't access my own files.

    I recently upgraded all the components in my computer, literally all. I figured Windows XP would have detected these changes or at LEAST safe mode would be able to run. Apparently I was wrong.

    To help you experts in answering questions I shall name each issue seperately.

    Issue One
    I don't even get the Windows XP loading screen, it gets to where that point should be and restarts immediately.

    My attempted resolution was to perform a repair of Windows. This can't be done without losing all the files in the 'Documents and Settings' folder. I need many of the files on my desktop. I cannot boot into Safe Mode or XP or 'Previous Working Settings'.

    Issue Two
    I don't know how to reset the settings [like that of a clean installation] so that I can actually -boot- into XP.

    An idea I had was to copy the backup registry files of my SATA drive [currently running a fresh XP install] to the IDE drive [containing my old XP user account]. Is this possible at all?

    I have an IDE hard drive, now running as a slave, and can access everything -but- the 'Chris' folder in 'Documents and Settings' which has nearly everything I need.

    Issue Three
    I know the password to the account, seeing as it's mine. Is there any way I can access it from the SATA installation of XP or in the recovery console? The recovery console only allows me to login using an administrator - can I access the 'Chris' folder from here?

    So if I can either:
    Boot into Windows on the IDE drive.
    Copy all the protected files from the IDE to the SATA drive.

    Everything would be perfect.
    Any help, tips, advice and cures for world hunger would be appreciated.
  2. Schpudd

    Schpudd TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm going to try these two solutions:

    Possible Solution One
    Boot into Ubuntu, mount the drive and CHMOD the folder to hell.

    Possible Solution Two
    Put the drive in my flatmate's PC and see if I can boot into using his older hardware.

    What do you guys think?
  3. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 10,432   +801

    what in the heck to you mean by this?
    First, it's an imprecise suggestion to change permission/ownership (to what is unstated),
    the chmod options file-list are not stated (so we get to guess?), and
    most importantly, why do you think this will impact booting?

    Sorry, I/we don't mind read using Techspot.com.
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