need a bit of help - A7v8x doesn't recognize CPU correctly

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need a bit of help

I presently have an A7v8x mobo and purchased an AMD 2600+ proccessor... Problem is, my processor is recognized as a 2000+.

I have heard that this can be corrected. Anybody have suggestions on how to fix this.

Also... Since this is my first build project, I am open to any suggestions on set up etc....

It has been running well for the last 2 months.. I use it for video work and gaming...

thanks guys for all your help.

Janet,,, a lady in Texas


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First, upgrade to the latest BIOS.
Asus update is a nice program to do this with...

Second, if it still doesn't recognize it, go into the BIOS and set the information manually...
(FSB 166 and clockmultiplier to 12.5)

That should do the trick :)
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