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Jan 22, 2008
  1. Alright I have been doing a few things to overclocking. First I started increasing my FSB by 25MHz increments then once I got close to 3.0GHz I increased the voltage to 1.38v. Everything boots fine but then I start CPUz and im looking at my multiplier and its fluctuating from 6.0x to 9.0x which also changes my core speed. What is causing this? Thanks in advance for your help.


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    Nice thread to point to Tedster. But I didn't see anything in there about the speed stepping. Maybe someone should tell CMH to add a speed step guide.

    Ryan. What you are seeing is the speed step technology. It is a power saving feature that increases the CPU speed to handle heavier loads. Overclocking your CPU is in effect telling the system what the maximum speed on the sppeed step should be. To run the CPU wide open 24/7 you need to disable speed step. In your BIOS set C1E and EIST to disabled. Some info on speed step can be read here
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    Wide open?

    I never disable SpeedStep, overclock, and run the PC usually 24/7. What's wrong with a little power saving?

    I haven't seen SpeedStep or Cool'n'Quiet making CPUs any more crash-prone than without them, even with overclocking.
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    Ya my E6400 runs wide open all the time at 3.4. Of course my room doesn't have a heater so the sys exhaust fan helps warm it up. lol Besides with the speedstep enabled I see a noticable slow down when surfing. So why bother with overclocking if you are not gonna use it to optimize performance all the time? But then to each his own. I doubt I'm shortening the life of the CPU in anyway I'll ever see as the thing will be obsolete long before it dies.
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