Need a video card with low power needs

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Feb 7, 2007
  1. Hello, how's everyone doing?

    I need some help in choosing a video card, This is my barebones kit:
    I'm planning on getting a 19" widescreen LCD for it but you see it only comes with a 250w powersupply so choosing a videocard has been a little confusing. I'm not a huge gamer I just want something that will support the moniter I want for movies and such, There is a 300w powersupply upgrade out there for shuttles but if I can avoid spending the extra $$ I'd like to.

    Thanks for your help! :giddy:
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  3. dmill89

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    With a 250w PSU your options are mainly limited to the Geforce Fx5200 and Radeon 9200/9250. If you upgrade to the 300w the Geforce 6600, 7300 and Radeon 9600, X1300 become options.
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    Power supply

    250 is too small for ANY computer.They aren't that expensive.
    Thats why Dell etc have so many problems.The pws is a very important
    component.PC devices take a certain amount of voltage no matter what make.
    Get 350 to 400.
    If your interested in dvd ATI 9600 works well.
    It's also a ? of a good Dolby sound card.
    I recommend the Audigy 4.Not to mention 5.1 speakers.
    Does this barbones have upgrade components options ?
    But You can start with it and upgrade and pws as you can afford them.
    This will give you some idea of power useage.Do the test.
  5. dmill89

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    Shuttles are SFF "cube" computers, so his PSU options are limited to the few units that fit the case and are extremly overpriced given their output.

    Here's the link to the 300w shuttle PSU (it costs $80)

    The only other PSUs that fit the shuttle case are the included 250w and a 240w powman (Inwin) TFX PSU. Here's the link
    eventhough it is useless in this situation it may be of use to someone with a dead shuttle PSU whose system doesn't excede the stock PSU if they need a cheep replacement (it only costs $22, the stock shuttle runs $54).(it's not the best PSU but nither is the stock shuttle unit.)
  6. zipperman

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    Thanks for explaining that.
    The 300 upgrade would have been a good idea
    and probably ok for his needs.
    He does need advice on useing a 19 " monitor and a supporting video card.
    This is where he'll need the $$$$ too.
    But like many he seems to have no comment so far to replys.
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