Need advice for memory and cpu voltage on asus crosshair motherboard with ocz pc28500

By dopefisher
Mar 6, 2007
  1. Well, I just got a new motherboard, ram and cpu. It is an Asus Crosshair with nforce 590 sli chipset. The ram is 2 x 1gb ocz pc2-8500, running at 1072mhz and 2.45 volts, and the cpu is an amd x2 5200+ running at 2.68 and 1.53 volts. First of all, are these temps and voltages appropriate? i am really new to am2 and ddr2, but i havent fried it all yet... Also, what i find weird is that i am running windows vista ultimate 32 bit, and whenever i overclock so far in bios, vista seems to adjust the settings to a certain point so everything remains semi-stable. under xp, if i overclocked/overvoltaged too far, i would get a bsod and instant reboot. The reason i am running my ram at 2.45 is because i got a system crash/bsod due to "memory management." the ocz tech support team suggested i set the voltage on my ram to at least 2.1v. Now this is E.P.P. ram, so in the bios, i can set the option to optimal or high frequency for "sli-ready memory" , which this ram is. There is also an option for cpuoc ( a special sli ready memory asus/nvidia thing i guess?) and i have it set to "cpu-oc max" hence the cpu voltage increase. in bios my cpu heats up to around 60, but like i said earlier, when i get into vista it kind of gets more stable, and settles down to around 47. It is only at 2.68 ghz, if i set the option to cpu-oc max , shouldnt it overclock even further? i guess there is a ton of stuff i do not know about this board.
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