Need advice on buying a low footprint systems

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May 8, 2003
  1. Alright well at the moment I have a Dell laptop (see signature for specs) that I bought a little under a year ago. I love the thing but at the moment I've been thinking about selling off the Dell laptop and using the funds to purchase a low profile PC as well as an iBook (which i kinda need for the lab). I would like to get a machine that is as low profile as possible preferably with a thin LCD monitor as well. I do some gaming as well as photo and video editing so I'll need something that can handle a decient workload. Ideally I would like to get something name brand since I just don't have the time or focus to deal with piecing together a machine right now. the problem is that I would like to spend about $800 on it. I checked the Dell website who i like to do busniess with but they didn't seem to have any small profile machines.

    If anyone has any idea for low profile machines that I could look at I would really appreciate it.

    On a side note if anyone has any thoughts on if/when the prices of apples iBooks will be coming down please let me know, last time I looked they were about $800 for the one that i wanted, pretty much minimum specs plus the airport card, now however they're like $1000, which is way more than I want to spend.
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    I'm not sure you could sell your system and purchase a PC + another laptop with those funds. Seems near impossible to do, unless one of those systems is very old and slow.
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    well i don't think it's going to be an even sell/purchase. I figured that I'd be able to sell the laptop for about ~$1350 (the same specs were $1600+ on the dell website before they went to these new versions. Then the iBook would be about $900-1000 and the PC ~$800...
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    At least Shuttle makes tiny but powerful PCs.
  5. Cryo

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    I had completly forgotten about those systems :) When I built my multimedia box I was looking at those but at the time they were a lot more powerful than what i needed. The box I ended up making actually looks VERY similar to the shuttle systems :) You guys rock!!

    Ok so here's the big question now, I'll read some reviews but you guys have always had good things to say...
    Do I go for the AMD/NForce2 version or the "plain" P4? what are the opinions?
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