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Jun 25, 2004
  1. Hi i would like a little advice on a site i wanna make for a cousins car wash and bod shop sho it can get more projection but im new to this kind of stuff so i would hope some body could give me a few pointers or some usefull links so i can make an apropiate desicion on what ind of hosting to get and stuff like that.

    Thx in advance :D
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    There are plenty of cheap hostings available.
    First, you must register your web-name, then find a host.
    Try, or to mention a few.

    If you want to make a website from scratch, without having much experience, look at e.g. Netobject Fusion
    A very easy package, which is available for a 30-day trial.
    Stay away from MS Frontpage (too basic) and the likes of Dreamweaver (too expensive).

    Alternatively, look at the ready-made templates from
    All you need here is an editor like Notepad, and results are stunning
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    thx this is a good start :grinthumb
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    If you are on DSL, talk to your provider, but you might be able to host the sites on your connection (assuming you're ok with the drop in bandwidth for incoming traffic). Don't do this without their permission though. And be sure you have a static IP, or you'll bang your head against a wall for a long time.

    At that point, it's a matter of getting the domain registered.

    If you're going to get a host regardless, consider in advance:

    1. Will these webpages need scripts or databases? Plan for that- find a provider who offers a SQL server and X tables or something. Check what scripting languages are available, if you can install things to accomodate that, or if they're forbidden. Also, look at IIs/Apache... do you want Perl, or ASP. Each has their use, and problems.
    2. Do you want email with that? (God that sounds cheesy). See if the hoster has a mail service, forwards email to a different SMTP address, or doesn't let you.
    3. Check your bandwidth agreements. Keep in mind that a 500k file downloaded once probably won't hurt you, but a good slashdotting or farking will take you offline in a hurry (if the server survives the load).
    4. Contract rules. Can you break the contract without excessive penalty, can you modify/extend, etc. Don't get stiffed because you got your own server in 6 months..

    Hope this helps
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