Need assistance, possible HDD crash!

Dec 3, 2005
  1. Hi,

    Weirdest thing happened a few moments ago.

    I usually keep my PC running 24/7, but the other night I decided to shut it down & allow it to rest.

    Well I get home a short while ago today, power up my PC & I hear this loud noise coming from inside my PC, didn't sound good, so I reset the PC, the noise reappears again, so this time I decie to shut the PC down & take a look inside, thinking it was a possible loose cable hitting up against the CPU fan or case fans.

    Checked & everything looked fine, powered back up & my PC wont go past the bootup screen. Just stays stuck there. I use BIOSTAR Mobo, & the PC stays stuck on the BIOSTAR logo screen, no post or anything, can't even get into the BIOS settings.

    Has my HDD crashed? I checked the power source & connections on my PC, everything else powers on & seems working. Is it something else? If anyone has suggestions as to the possible problem I'd be grateful, never came across this problem before. I tried calling up Seagate Tech Support, but they're closed on wkends. I'm using a laptop to logon & post.

    Thanks in advance.
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