Need Drivers for my Intel i752 graphix card

By Dragon_of_Chaos ยท 12 replies
Jul 13, 2005
  1. I formatted my my pc and when i went to setup my colors the highest i could put my colors at was "16 colors" and i dont have any drivers for an intel i752 (bought pc on ebay didnt get drivers) does anyone know where i can get drivers for it. :hotbounce....and how do i apply these drivers (yes i know almost nothing about pcs that's y im here
  2. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    Howdy! Welcome to TechSpot

    Try here intel imbedded video driver
    Need to know more about your system.
    Get Evererst it's free and will help you know alot more about it.
  3. Dragon_of_Chaos

    Dragon_of_Chaos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    my specs are:

    Operating system = win98
    Directx = 6.1
    PC name= E3V7K8
    CPU = Intel celeron 633
    motherboard chipset= Intel whitney i810e
    system memory= 128mb
    bios = IBM
    video adapter = standard pci graphics adapter (vga)
    3d accel = Intel i752
    audio = AC97

    am i missing any info
  4. Dragon_of_Chaos

    Dragon_of_Chaos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ps wat is overclocking and is it good or bad
  5. Dragon_of_Chaos

    Dragon_of_Chaos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    :bounce: jump up :bounce:
  6. SOcRatEs

    SOcRatEs TechSpot Paladin Posts: 966

    What is Over Clocking? basic intro

    General OC'ing forum
    This is where we talk through over clocking.
    Read the stickies first.

    It's kinda like putting 427 hemi on a set of roller skates. :eek:
    factories don't intend us to do it but we get ALOT of SPEED
    out of the skates, sacrificing a stabile ride for go fast fun ride.
    If it crashes, it's gonna be spectacular! :hotbounce

    Basic melt down if things go bad.:hotouch:
    Smart OC'ers tend to make changes to thier sys's in small incriments,
    bumping settings slowly to point of lock ups, then backing things off
    half a click to regain stability and maintain higher performance.
    You may be very surpised how much more you can get.
    Just like funny cars this tends to require highend equip. and
    as solid knowledge of what and how. OC'ing requires more power
    and generates more heat, heat is the cpu/ram/video/MoBo killer,
    requiring high performance cooling.
    I think I gave you hard core TMI
    but you did ask :haha:
  7. Dragon_of_Chaos

    Dragon_of_Chaos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thx good high risk high rewards...btw i fixed my G card i was right i just needed drivers now i need to find drivers for my Intel ac 97 sound card....i read that there are many but the mother board defines it so...i have an intel whitney
  8. jamd

    jamd TS Rookie

    Hey Dragon - I have a similar setup to you and am looking for the win 98 drivers for the onboard graphics and sound - please could you post a direct link to where you found the graphics driver and also if you found your sound drivers yet. After all my searching i can only find win xp drivers.
    Thx for any help.
  9. SOcRatEs

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    Try here

    Look to the top of any page here at TechSpot.
    There is a link to driver page with about 4000 drivers there.
    Just use the search feature....
  10. Ogg

    Ogg TS Rookie

    Did you get your answer for this problem? I had exactly the same problem..needed i742 drivers for the graphic controller. The mobo featured the i810 chipset. SO.. I learned that the mobo chipset is the key. AIDA revealed that. Then I learned that it's actually the 810 grapics chipset driver I needed (even though the vga chip is actually labelled i752)

    The following link will provide exactly what you need: Driver you need HERE

    Hope this helps!
  11. Dragon_of_Chaos

    Dragon_of_Chaos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thx but i finally found soemthing on google...but sad to say i need a new monitor cord becuase its detiorating and unless i hold it in place it puts a random haze of diff colors over it but no big deal low cost for a new one (if i can get a new one to match this mitsubishi monitor cord
  12. Ogg

    Ogg TS Rookie

    We have exact same problems, synchronized. I too have a monitor that has developed a sensitive/intermittent cable problem. It's a biit tricky to get the just the right postition or loop in the cable to either relieve strain (or apply it!) so that the screen doesn't flicker and loose proper colour. It may be a simple matter to just replace the cable from the back of the monitor (will have to remove the cover). I'd hate to trash this particular monitor (NEC MultiSync 3FGX) because otherwise it's been a RELIABLE piece of gear!
  13. Dragon_of_Chaos

    Dragon_of_Chaos TS Rookie Topic Starter

    ya i agre ive gone through aboout 3 -4 pcs in my life but this monitor ive had since my 1st pc....they dont make em like they used to its about 14 years old i i cant belive this thing still even runs after how many formats and corners if cut to get it working again like choosing a random audio card identification so it recognizes my card as a sound card......then theres the less techy way of fixing a pc that actually works sometimes.......brute for and/or ignorance :knock: puke:
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