Need Easy to install HS for AMd x2 6000

By Morick ยท 5 replies
Sep 5, 2007
  1. Well I have the mother board and new case picked out for upgrading the cooling on this monster but since I'm transferring the cpu from one mobo to another I'll need a new cpu heatsink for my 6000 x2 athlon. Having trouble finding one on newegg so I need a recommendation for an easy to install heatsink thats compatible with my 6000 and a m2n sli deluxe asus motherboard.
    Any suggestions for a good heatsink? I'm worried that I might struggle getting it to clip on so I need one very easy to put on. Thanks in advanced!

    PS: heres the components(case and mobo) ill be using if it matter:

    Also any suggestion as to how to remove the stock heatsink when I transfer would be good too, I'm thinking about using a blowdryer...
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    NO BLOW DRYERS, PLS. Bad things happen with blow dryers and vacuum cleaners. The stock heatsink shouldnt be hard to remove actually.

    Most of the good heatsinks are a simple 4 clicks to put them in. I'd go for that zalmans 7700 I think its called. Let me look it up to make sure.
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  4. Morick

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    I appreciate the info man, i did some research on this zalman and it looks like the one to go for:) however I have to ask, will it fit into the case ill be buying with it

    heres the mobo

    Just trying to foresee any problems at all as I've already spent a fortune trying to get this pc to work flawless. I'm using a gts 8800 as well for the video card,s o if all goes well everything should work tip top.
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    that case is plenty big enough, it should fit well.
  6. Phenique

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    I'd like to give you a positive recommendation too. The Zalman keeps my processor cool, beyond any other heatsink. just remember that using it voids the warranty on your processor. It never went over 45 C when overclocking my 5200
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