Need expert advice! I'Getting POed!

By BryanAU
Apr 8, 2007
  1. I posted a couple times on my situation but i never got expert advice on what i should do, just a few opinions. My computer specs are below. My computer will freeze completely and the music will freeze along with it. I don't think my computer is overheating because its not hot in my room and i have a few fans in there.

    These are the results i got from the ATI tool.
    "Crash because of too high over clock? Last working frequency was: Core 428.63MHz - Memory 492.75MHz

    "Crash because of too high over clocking? Last working frequency was: Core 398.25MHz - Memory 523.13MHz.

    I had my computer on all day when i was out came back and it hasn't frozen. I play Guild wars for not even a full hour and the entire computer freezes with music and i have to press the restart button.

    My power supply is 550WATTS my graphics card can't be that outdated. I got all the hardware and built this PC 2 years ago and it's only started to act up within the past couple of months. and the freezing has become more and more frequent. Do i need to replace the graphics card or something? IS there any way to see if it's my graphics card that is beginning to fail or something?
  2. Samstoned

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    few opinions
    load the newest drivers for the machine and all related hardware
    reset bios cmos to optimum factory defaults
    make sure if running a sata drive you make a note of the drive boot odrer and or raid config so you can adjust bios again and boot properly
    if still having errors flash new bios upgrade if there is one

    check the event viewer see what it says about this freeze
    under (right click )my computer /manage/system tools /event viewer
  3. BryanAU

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    Yeah that all sounds good and dandy but i don't know how to do that. And im almost positive everything i have is updated. but reseting bios and cmos i don't know how to do. and the event viewer is foreign as well

    I Lied i reset my BIOS to default optimized settings. I also uninstalled McAfee control center because maybe that was not helping as much as i thought it was.
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