Need Files From Old Drive

By enigmabunny
Dec 15, 2004
  1. Hi, I Need Some Help Getting My Files From Old Hard Drive. I Used To Have 2 Hard Drives, One Had Windows Xp Installed (c:) And The Other Had My Personal Files On, Liek Music Etc. I Recently Bought A New 160gb Hard Drive And Transfered My Windows To It Using The Maxtor Software, This Worked Perfect, But What I Now Need To Do Is Get All My Fiels From My Previous D: Drive, I Have Checked Jumper Settings, Set It Up In Bios, Bios Recognises It But Windows Dont. It Does Not Appear In My Computer Or Device Manager. If I Do A New Hardware Search I Get The Little Box At Bottom Right Corner Saying It Has Found The Drive But As Soon As The Search Finishes It Disapeers And Still No Hard Drive, Am I Going About This All Wrong? Have I Missed Something Out? Just Really Desperate To Get All My Files Back. Appreciate Any Help Anyone Can Give Me.


  2. RealBlackStuff

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    If that old D-drive is set as Slave on the same cable as your new HD (which must be set as Master or "Master with Slave present"), you should be able to copy all the data from D onto C.
    Check the jumpers of the C-drive.
  3. enigmabunny

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    i have tried taht but the drive still does not show in my computer :confused:
  4. HoopaJoop

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    Try setting the jumpers on both drives to CS (Cable Select) if possible, then plug the cable back up in the Master/Slave configuration.

    If that doesn't work, keep the drives jumpered on CS and plug the other drive into your secondary IDE channel. You may need to unplug your cdrom drive. If you don't have a CS jumper, set both drives to master with this configuration.

    Additionally, you can slave the secondary drive off your cd-rom drive.
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