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Jan 9, 2005
  1. I just reformatted my pc. I Partitioned my hard Drive, Drive C and drive D. when i start up my pc i get a black screen that makes me pick what OS to i thinmk the problem is, when i reformatted and partitioned the Hard Drive Windows XP installed to both partitions...Is it posible to take all my program files from drive D and put them to drive C and then just right click Drive D and click format..will that work? i am a newb with computer need help
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    Well to get your programs from Drive D to C, you will most likely need to reinstall them, because they are run from the registry. And simply moving the files will not change the registry values and therefore they will not work. So just look around for your install files/discs and install them to the C drive, then format your D.

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    works 4 me:

    u take all the registry keys u need and make one BIG reg key and merge it on the other one?!
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    K well i tried Right Click Drive D and Format but i get this error (Attachment)

    Any help would be awsome :giddy:

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    It is accessing D: for some reason so you won't be able to format from Windows...
    Use a boot floppy from Here

    re-boot with the floppy and type format /D:

    Make sure you have everything you need moved off the D: partition as this will erase everything.

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