Need Help Badly! Cant Fix Problem!

By trendsetter604
Nov 14, 2007
  1. Need Help Badly! No Internet!

    Hey guys I'm having this problem with my internet connection. It was working totally fine before. This is a recurring problem. I get the icon "a network cable is unplugged" (local area connection 5). I have done everything possible. i.e. change cables, update drivers, uninstall/reninstall drivers, new network card etc. The funny thing is I went to bring the computer in to get it fixed "twice" but when I got there they plugged it in and internet worked fine again. When I bring it home it works but then maybe after a few days the same problem happens. Its very random. I have 2 computers side by side and a router as well. But I'm just trying to connect directly to the dsl modem so its simpler. Plugged ethernet into problem computer nothing, plug ethernet into other computer it works fine. No green light at the back of ethernet slot either on problem comp. Anyone who can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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    Three more things to try -

    1 - Try connecting to a different port on the router,or swapping ports

    with your other computer.

    2 - Put the card in another PCI slot.

    3 - If the network card has a power management option,

    the following check box may be selected :

    Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power

    So go to Network connections/right click the one with your adapter/Properties

    General/Configure/Power management - uncheck that box (if checked).

    More HERE
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