Need help/cable to run back speakers AND front headphone jacks

By Ruvan22
Nov 29, 2006
  1. Hello all,
    I recently built a computer over the summer and have got most of it working. Unfortunately, I am still having a problem with the sound for this system. I am using my motherboard's (Asus A8N5X) on board sound, and the back ports work perfectly thus far. The problem is that my case (NZXT Guardian) has front ports for headphone/microphone. To connect the internal wires for these ports to the Line out_L and Line out_R, I have to take off the jumpers that connect them to BLINE_OUT_L and BLINE_OUT_R. Doing so disables the back sound ports. From talking to others, it appears this is a common problem with many soundboards/cases. How have you guys gotten around it? Or alternately, does anybody know where I can buy an internal audio extension wire that has one male end and two female (or a jumper) end? Thanks for any advice!
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