Need Help Civ 4 Weird Problem!!!!!!!

By kmalone0023
Jan 15, 2006
  1. Ok, so here is my situation. I was installing Civilization 4 on my computer. I get through the first disc, then i put the 2nd disc in and click ok to finish installing and my computer freezes. So i restart my computer knowing only half the game was installed. After my computer restarted I went to uninstall programs there was nothing from Civ 4! But when i try to reinstall the game by putting the 1st disc in, it says Play game in the menu, when i click on play it says "error". How do i delete the half installed game to re-install it. I am really bummed about my situation...
  2. hondas

    hondas TS Rookie

    Try insert the first disc, and pick the reinstall icon if there's one. Doing this will install over your incomplete installation. If this dosen't help, then try to uninstall from the conrtal panel-add and remove.
  3. Jubble

    Jubble TS Rookie

    you will need to delete the registry entries.

    go to run.

    type in regedit and press return

    search for civ 4 entries / or manufacturers name (firaxis???), delete any relevent entries.

    Useful tip; when installing games: type 'msconfig' in the run box and run it. uncheck the box "load start up items". When you restart your pc none of your start up stuff (antivirus etc.) will run. These programmes can mess up installs sometimes. Be sure to go into msconfig and start up in normal mode after installing.

  4. kmalone0023

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    Thanks for the quick help guys :)
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