Need help cleaning a virus (W32.spybot.worm??)

By pumped
Sep 21, 2004
  1. I'm running win xp pro

    here's the symptoms

    won't let me (it closes in >1sec)
    - run Norton ativirus (currently installed and updated)
    - if I click on the Norton dir in windows explorer it closes
    - in internet explorer everytime I google anything w/ "virus" or any online virus scans it closes, even when I type in ie: "" it closes
    - won't run regedit
    - won't run msconfig

    - when I press ctl+alt+del and view the "processes" tab its blanked out preventing me from veiwing anything

    all of these symptoms are the same in safemode as well

    what I've tried-
    I have 2 hard drives - 160gig (primary -infected-) and a 100gb(slave)

    so what I did was I switched the 100gb to be the primary and the 160gb to be the slave..

    I installed windows and norton AV2003 and I am able to launch norton.. so I scan the computer and it finds three
    " W32.spybot.worm " viruses in the 160gb windows dir

    so I cleaned and del those files... switched back the 160gb as primary and the only thing solved was the computer was less laggy but all of the other symtoms are still there..

    I also disabled the system restore...

    sorry for the long post
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