Need help deciding which case is better

Hey you all, first time poster here
I've been looking for a decent Matx case for the money, and have cut my choices to these two:
AreoCool Cylon Mini RGB-
I see both as great values for the money, but I'm split on which one I should get.
On one hand, the MATREXX 30 has a temperate glass side panel, good airflow, cheap price, but also has bad cable management
On the other, the Cylon has such a badass looking design, acrylic(?) side panel, but terrible airflow (from what I heard, if anyone has any info on the airflow, please share, because I've been searching everywhere for temps on some builds with no results)
I'm planning to build a PC for myself in the coming year, so I'd appriciate it if you people would help me out on this.


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Although you've probably gotten frustrated and given up on getting a reply, I'll put my 2 cents in anyway.

TBH, I wouldn't mess around with a micro ATX case, at all. At least not if this is to be your only or "prime" computer.

Micro ATX cases limit you, (for the most part) to two (2) 3 1/2" slots for spinning hard drives. Unless you want to pay big bucks for high capacity storage drives, (6 to 12 TB). A case should be Mid tower or taller. These generally give you slots for 4 or 5 HDDs, which you might need for storage in the future.

IMO, there's no shame in putting a micto ATX motherboard into a mid tower, but you might consider the extra slots a standard ATX board offers for add in cards.

Personally, I wouldn't buy eother one of those cases, simply by virtue of not having a front 5 1/4" slot for an optical. And yes, I know that "these kids today", don't think you need optical drives, but I still use them for CD & DVD, for my free standing home theater and stereo system. And again, as provincial as it may seem, I burn backups from my CDs to knock around in the car. Between thieves and summer heat, it makes no sense to put a valuable original CD to use in a car player.

Short answer, grab a mid tower with a slot for an optical drive.

I have 2 of the original, (ancient) Cooler Master "Storm Scouts", and an (ancient) Antec 900. They don't have glass sides or RGB fans. I guess you could say they're, "all work and no play", which I suppose would make me a "dull boy". But, c'est le guerre