Need Help Eliminating Probedis.exe Error on Shut Down.

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Mar 3, 2005
  1. I'm having a problem on one of my computers where I get a Probedis.exe Error every time I shut down. I've tried updating my modem drivers, uninstalling and reinstalling the modem, and everything else I can think of to eliminate this annoyance, but nothing has worked. There is very little on the internet concerning this problem, and nobody seems to have a fix that works in all cases.

    Does anyone know if there is any Init Strings that will eliminate this problem? Also, is it possible that I turned off a Service that is required by this probe to run properly?

    I'm using Windows XP Pro and the modem is a U.S. Robotics V.92 Fax Win Int

    Any help you can give me would be greatly appreciated. Everything else seems to be working fine with the modem, but this error message is driving me nuts!

    Thank You,

  2. BengalTigger

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    Probedis.exe - no fix - possible cause?

    I'm experiencing the same problem, and do not have a fix, but do have a question. Are you running SpamBully? My problem seemed to start after In installed SpamBully and I'm wondering if it is the cause.

    I have multiple user accounts setup in my Win XP, and only those accounts running SpamBully see the error.

    Edit: I forgot to mention that my setup is the same as yours--Win XP Pro with U.S. Robotics V.92 Fax Win Int
  3. RealBlackStuff

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  4. BengalTigger

    BengalTigger TS Rookie

    I had already downloaded the new driver and installed it with no improvement. I had not removed the startup item though and will give that a try.
  5. jsm1963

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    Need Help Eliminating Probedis.exe Error on Shutdown

    I tried the CastleCops/U.S. Robotics fix. It stopped the probedis.exe error, but it also disabled my modem. So the fix was worthless. U.S. Robotics' only responce was to refer me to the support page for my modem.
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